Terry Crosby

Lesson 3 Grade 6

Terry Crosby’s Five Steps to Success

Hi Sixth Graders,
This video is Lesson 3 from College and Career Ready, Set, Go with our guest Education Specialist Terry Crosby. Please take the quiz at the end so we can count you as having watched the video.
  1. Click… on the video below to watch it. A box will come up that says The Content Owner Requests the Following and will ask for your name and an email. If you don’t have an email, ask your parents if you can use theirs. We are collecting this information so we can record that you watched the video and completed this lesson.
  2. Once you put in your name and an email, the video will pop up. When the main part of the video is over, you will be asked to answer a few quiz questions to let us know what you learned.
  3. Next click on the link to the Inspirational Quotes Video here and watch that. Feel free to pause the video to take your time reading the quotes. Note: the video will open in a new browser window.
  4. If you would like a copy of Terry Crosby’s Five Steps to Success, click the link TerryCrosby_Success to download,  print it out and hang it in your room to give you inspiration.
Have fun!