Teens and Tech

Today’s Teens & Technology: A 2-day event for parents, teens and youth program providers 

Helping Youth Navigate the Digital Age

Social media and technology have had a profound impact on today’s youth.

These two trainings will help parents and professionals better address youth’s needs with regard to social-emotional development given their use of technology.  Local trends, the teen brain, social-emotional learning, youth relationships, and how technology can be used positively or negatively will be addressed during both sessions training.

Nationally recognized speaker Richard Guerry will present at both sessions on promoting responsible use of technology and preventing digital abuse.  During Day 2, will include multiple presenters. There will be time to reflect on and discuss the information presented with other participants.

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Day One – For Parents, Caregivers, Tweens and Teens

This event is free to the community for all parents, caregivers, tweens and teens. Registration is required. Capacity is 150.

September 27, 2018

Time:  5:00-7:30 pm

Location:  Thurgood Marshall Auditorium, 1609 N. Superior St. Toledo, OH 43604

5:00 Light refreshments

6:30-7:30 Social Media Sharing is Public and Permanent – Keynote Speaker Richard Guerry

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 Day Two:  For Youth-Serving Professionals

There is a charge for attending this session, which includes lunch. CEUs are available.

September 28, 2018

Time:  8:30am-4pm

Location: Thurgood Marshall Auditorium, 1609 N. Superior St. Toledo, OH 43604



  1. Identify trends, attitudes, and behaviors with regard to local youth and technology.
  1. Evaluate the impact of social media and technology on youth development.
  1. Develop strength-based strategies to address the impacts of social media and technology on youth.
  2. Recognize how youth are uniquely poised to experience both the cost and benefits of social media and technology

8:30-8:50      Registration and Breakfast

8:50-9:00       Welcome & Opening  Dr. Durant

9:00-9:45        The Teen Brain: How THEY think and how YOU can CONNECT to it – Jamie Blazevich

9:45-10:30    Time to Listen: Local Youth Trends –Ryan Ducket* & the TOP team

10:45-11:30 TPS – Michelle Pelz mpelz@tps.org and Sue Rowe

11:30-12:15 Lunch

12:15-1:45    Social Media Sharing is Public and Permanent – Keynote Speaker Richard Guerry

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1:45- 2:15     Reflection & Processing – Penny Tullis, YWCA

2:15-2:30      Break

2:30-3:45      Teen Panel  Facilitated – Penny Tullis, YWCA

3:45-4:00      Closing & Evaluations

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Parent University is a partnership between Toledo Public Schools and Partners in Education to deliver parent and caregiver workshops and family learning events that enrich the parenting experience, help parents navigate and support their child’s education in Toledo Public Schools and offer leadership and networking opportunities. Classes are free to all participants.

The Youth Advocacy Alliance is a collaborative body of professionals and advocates in Lucas County focused on improving the quality of life for youth in Lucas County.  It is the mission of the Youth Advocacy Alliance to promote and strengthen healthy youth development in Lucas County by providing opportunities for cross-system networking and influencing policy, legislation and organizational practices.