Student Resources (especially for grades 5-12)

Helpful Links for Student Success

Financial Football

Like to play and watch football? Like to have and spend money? This is the game for you. You can play this NFL-themed football game while testing your money management skills. In order to advance your team in the football game you have to answer financial questions correctly. See how far you can take your team and how much knowledge about money you can gain by the end of the game. Ready, Set, HUT!


Biz Kids

Fun exciting episodes of this TV program created for kids by kids. With Biz Kids you can learn more about saving money, finding the right career for you and starting your own business. This site has episode clips, games and more. Watch and learn from the Biz Kids and see how you can make your future even brighter!


Roadtrip Nation

Ever wanted to ask an astronaut questions? Ever wanted to find out how the NIKE shoe designer landed his job? All this and more is answered on Roadtrip Nation. Students from all age groups are chosen to interview people in the careers they are most interested in. You can find a video that fits what you’re looking for and hear about careers you can get excited about. Toledo Public School students have free access to Roadtrip Nation through their Naviance account. Check with your teacher, counselor or parents to see how to access.


Ohio Means Jobs K-12

This is an interactive website that let you do research on careers you are interested in. Not only does it have information on various careers but you can also create your very own “Online Backpack” to store research. This comes in handy as you go through school and want to keep information about careers that best fit you and your skills and interests.



Toledo Community Foundation

On this site, you will find over 170 scholarship opportunities. Some are need-based, some based on academics and all are available across major areas of career and studies interests.