Junior Achievement Level 3 Background Check

Junior Achievement

Level 3 Background check

  • Welcome to Partners in Education's Background Check Service. This information allows us to process a Level 3 Criminal Background Check for you using Sterling Screening Service. A background check ensures that volunteers are cleared to work in an environment with children. Once the check is processed, each check updates on a monthly basis for one calendar year (meaning if something pops up on someone’s record mid-year, we can inform you and the organization you are volunteering for that your eligibility status may have changed)
    • What does a Level 3 mean?: This level performs an Advanced Criminal History Record Locator Search – which includes a Nationwide Search, Social Security Trace, Government Watch List Search (OFAC), 50 State DOJ Registered Sex Offender Search, and County Criminal Search(es).
    • How does it work? Volunteers fill out our secure online form and use a credit card to pay for the background check. The Level 3 background check and processing fee is $43 per person. You will be prompted for your credit card information when you complete the form.
    • What happens next? Partners in Education will provide information to you on your eligibility status and share your background check information with you. The organization you are volunteering for will receive a notification that you are cleared to volunteer. Processing time generally varies between 48 hours and five days.
    • What if I’m not cleared to volunteer for some reason? Partners in Education will notify you if something on your record makes you ineligible to volunteer and provide mandatory paperwork with your follow-up options.
    Contact our Background Check Specialist, Erin, by email [email protected] if you have questions.
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