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Special Science Event for Summit Academy Students and Parents

We are inviting your family to join us on  May 16 from 3:30-5:30 PM for an afternoon of science festival fun with lots of hands-on activities, food and a special gift for your family to take home.

Please join us for this free event. It is open to students in the College & Career Ready, Set, Go program at Summit Academy and their entire family. The activities are appropriate for children ages 3 and up but all ages are welcome when children are accompanied by parents or caregivers.

Please let us know you are coming by registering here.

You can also call us at 419-242-2122

We are serving a free dinner for all family members. 

The May 16 Rosary Cathedral School Family Math Night Event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please contact the school with any questions you may have.

Family Math Night at Discovery Academy

We are inviting your family to join us on May 28 from 4:30-6:00 PM for a night of math festival fun with lots of hands-on activities, food and a special gift for your family to take home. Please complete the form using the link below to register your family.
It’s free!

We’ll see you on May 28 at 4:30 PM.

Register here today!

You can also call us at 419-242-2122. 

Putting Middle Schoolers on the Right Track

Designed to foster the knowledge, attitudes, and habits that steer 5th through 8th graders toward higher education and fulfilling careers, College & Career… Ready, Set, Go! (formerly known as College & Career Coach) connects students with Classroom Career Coaches and parent/caregiver coaches.

Building Character for Career Readiness


Character development is an important part of the lessons. The personal and professional goals students set during their activities focus on increasing resilience, willpower, grit and self-efficacy. In addition to field trips to local colleges and businesses, guest speakers from all walks of life discuss overcoming barriers on their career journey and offer useful advice as students move into high school. Lessons are hands-on and inquiry-based. Engaging formative assessments are included during each session to help ensure students are understanding the content. And our program is professionally evaluated by an outside evaluator to ensure program quality and maintain focus on continuous improvement.

Engaging Parents and Families for Student Success

Parents and caregivers commit to supporting their children’s career goals and College & Career…Ready, Set, Go! Includes parents in field trips and special Parent University classes where families can learn together how to help children meet their goals for the future. Parent opportunities can range from how to pay for post-secondary training and college to family film night where the focus is on character development and fun. We listen to families and focus on topics where they tell us their greatest needs exist.

Bring College & Career…Ready, Set, Go! to Your School

Our program currently operates in six schools  Rosary Cathedral School, Queen of Apostles School and Discovery Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Wildwood Environmental Academy and Summit Academy. Three coaches lead 5-8th grade classrooms twice per month to implement our curriculum which has been adopted from two evidence-based Career Readiness curricula, R Rules and Get Ready. Activities focus on problem solving, critical thinking and developing social-emotional skills needed for high school and career readiness.

We adapt materials to accommodate the specific needs of your school’s children, calendars and Ohio Academic Content Standards for social studies, English Language Arts, mathematics and science. R Rules is aligned to components from High Schools That Work, GEAR UP, the American School Counselor Association Model, 21st Century Skills, and academic and vocational standards.

If you are interested in bringing this program into your school, please contact Program Manager, Reed Steele at 419-242-2122 or The program is eligible to utilize Title I funds and is customizable for your school’s budget. Prices start at around $25 per student for the school-year program that runs from October 1 through the middle of May. We can also help you write grants to fund the program at your location.

For afterschool programming opportunities, please visit our Success Mentors page.

Volunteer with us as a guest speaker. We need folks from every kind of career you can imagine.


College and Career Ready…Set…Go is made possible by Discovery Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Summit Academy and Wildwood Environmental Academy as well as grants  from these generous funders.


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