College and Career Ready Set Go Registration Page

College and Career Ready Set Go

College and Career.. Ready, Set, Go –  Registration Page

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This school year, your middle school child or children are part of a career preparation program at their school. Most of the program takes place during regular school hours but through remote learning with career-focused hands-on activities, virtual visits from career mentors, along with virtual field trips to colleges and job sites. We also offer career-focused activities afterschool for the whole family.

Our goal is to get middle schoolers “high school ready” and to make sure high schoolers are ready for careers and post-secondary training, like college. You as parents and caregivers are part of our success model. We ask you to partner with us as career coaches and mentors for your children. What is a “career coach” or “mentor”? It is an adult who is willing to provide support, knowledge, and time to aid in their student’s development and future success. We will provide you with information, resources and activities to inspire your child. We also hope these experiences in our program will foster a dialogue between you and your child about their future hopes and dreams and how to reach them.

Please complete the form to grant us permission to work with your child’s teacher to deliver programming. All student and parent information is private. We will have graded assignments and take attendance to measure student progress.


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  • To allow my student to participate in the College & Career Ready...Set...Go! Program
  • To be a "Career Coach" to my student. "Career Coach" Definition - An adult or older sibling who is willing to provide support, knowledge, and time to aid in my child's development and future success.)
  • To allow my student to go on up to two field tri[s during the year with College & Career Ready...Set...Go! and Partners in Education staff, my child's teachers, and background checked volunteers.
  • To allow Partners in Education to access your child's school records to collect information on student's progress to measure student achievement.


I give permission for my child to be photographed by the College and Career program during classroom lessons, field trips and family events (please choose one answer from below)(Required)

Hold Harmless

I agree to hold the College and Career Ready..Set..Go! program harmless from any and all claims, including attorney's fees or damage to my child's personal property, that may occur as a result of my child's participation in this program. (choose one answer below)(Required)