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Hello Students and Welcome to College & Career Ready, Set, Go Career Speakers Online.

We have interviewed career speakers and mentors based on careers in career clusters you told us that you were interested in learning more about.

The videos are organized according to grade level.

Please click on the video that your College & Career Education Specialist asked you to view to complete either Lesson 8 or Lesson 12. The video will prompt you for contact information and have you take a really short quiz at the end, so that we can count your attendance and let your classroom teacher know you completed this assignment.

Thank you for being part of this program and enjoy the speakers!

Grade 5 – Lesson 8 – Career Speaker #1 – Injury Prevention Specialist

Grade 5 – Lesson 12 – Career Speaker #2 –

Grade 6 – Lesson 8 – Career Speaker #1 – Audiologist

Grade 7 – Lesson 8 – Career Speaker #1 – Wealth Manager

Grade 8 – Lesson 8 – Career Speaker #1 – Floor Layer

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