Background Checks

Interested in Helping Area Children? Volunteer with Partners in Education Programs!

If you would like to volunteer for a Partners in Education program, please click the Partners in Education button for the form. This form enables you to volunteer for Mentors in Toledo Schools, Success Mentors or our events, such as the Dragon Boat Summer Learning Festival. Partners in Education covers the cost of all who volunteer for our organization.
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Background Checks for TPS VolunteersTPSlogo

Partners in Education provides background checks for volunteers with the Toledo Public School System. If you wish to volunteer in the school system, you must complete a Volunteer Form (available at each school or through Partners in Education).

TPS covers the cost for TPS parents, caregivers and communities of faith/houses of worship who have adopted specific TPS schools. We have run out of district funds to cover the cost of checks for the remainder of the school year. You may still have a volunteer background check processed but payment must be made before the volunteer form can be processed. An online form is coming soon.

Partners in Education Provides Background Checks for Nonprofits

You may contract with Partners in Education to process background checks for your nonprofit’s volunteers. Some of the services we offer:

  1. Level 2 criminal background checks using Verified Volunteer Screening Service. Level 2 ensures that volunteers are cleared to work in an environment with children. Once the check is processed, each check updates on a monthly basis for one calendar year (meaning if something pops up on someone’s record mid-year, you will know about it.)
  2. Collection and processing of background checks. We can contract with your organization to collect and process all background check forms then bill your organization according to the number of processed background checks. We can also have your volunteers pay us directly. The background check and processing fee is $30 per person. (We can provide a volume discount if you have over 25 volunteers).
  3. Information on cleared staff and volunteers. Partners in Education will provide information on cleared staff and volunteers as soon as it is available. We will also provide the names of those who are not cleared for volunteer work to ensure your clients are protected. Processing time varies between 48 hours and five days.


Why Run Employment Background Checks on Volunteers?

  • To protect your organization. If you are going to allow volunteers access to anything valuable or proprietary about your business — sensitive data, cash, or customer information, you’ll want to avoid any potential problems that could arise if the volunteers you accept have criminal records.
  • To protect your clients. Your clients have a right to be served both effectively and safely. This is especially true that if you serve particularly vulnerable populations, such as children or the elderly. Don’t put them at risk by allowing volunteers with records of abuse to serve in your organization.
  • To protect yourself. Ohio law does not require background checks for volunteers. However, if volunteers will have unsupervised access to a child on a regular basis, school districts require background checks for service in their schools. Because your volunteer is representing your organization, it is wise to protect yourself from potential litigation should your volunteer commit a crime while volunteering for you.