Background Checks

Partners in Education Provides Volunteer Background Checks for Individuals, Nonprofits and Schools

We can help people safely volunteer remotely or in-person during COVID-19.

Looking for a background check to help you volunteer at a nonprofit or in a school? 

Use Partners in Education to quickly and easily provide a volunteer background check for you that will be accepted at organizations and schools around the community. Give your clients and volunteers peace of mind that only a background check can provide.

Looking for an easy way to get all of your volunteers safely and easily background checked?

Contract with Partners in Education to process background checks for your nonprofit’s volunteers.

We offer the following services:

Level 2 or Level 3 criminal background checks using Sterling Screening Service.

A background check ensures that your volunteers are cleared to work in an environment with children. Once the background check is processed, each check updates on a monthly basis for one calendar year (meaning if something pops up on someone’s record mid-year, you will know about it.)

What is a Level 2 ?: Advanced Criminal History Record Locator Search – includes a Nationwide Search, Social Security Trace, Government Watch List Search (OFAC), 50 State DOJ Registered Sex Offender Search, and County Criminal Search(es).

What is a Level 3: Complete Criminal History Locator Search – includes all of the same things as a Level 2 search as well as alias name, seven years of address history, and Locator Select (a software that works with 2,000 jurisdictions to identify arrest record information and validates conviction and the source). 

  • How does it work? We can contract with your organization to collect and process all background check forms then bill your organization according to the number of processed background checks. We can also have your volunteers pay us directly. The L2 background check and processing fee is $25 per person and the L3 background check and processing fee is $48
  • What happens after the volunteers submit their forms? Partners in Education will provide information for individuals and on cleared staff and volunteers as soon as it is available. We will also provide the names of those who are not cleared for volunteer work to ensure your clients are protected. Processing time generally varies between 48 hours and five days.
  • What if someone is not cleared to volunteer for some reason? Partners in Education takes the responsibility of notifying organizations and schools immediately and also of notifying ineligible volunteers and providing mandatory paperwork to those found to be ineligible as follow-up.

Ready To Get Started? 

Individual Volunteers Please contact our Background Check Specialist, Erin, at 419-242-2122 or email [email protected]  to set up the service.
Nonprofit Organizations and Schools Please contact our Background Check Specialist, Erin, at 419-242-2122 or email [email protected]  to set up the service for multiple background checks.

Specialized Training for YOUR Nonprofit Volunteers

Partners in Education can provide training for your volunteers. This training can offer the basics on best practices in volunteering with K-12 students, specifics on working with children who have experienced trauma and specialized training for volunteers working with students and parents who are learning English as a Second Language. Customized training is also available.
  • A per person fee is charged for specialized training

On-demand, Free Volunteer Training 

For Parents, Community Members and Organizations That Partner with area schools and youth-serving organizations

  • Visit our Volunteer Training page for a link to our online training on Best Practices When Working with School Children.

Why Run Background Checks on Volunteers?

  • To protect our children. All children deserve to be safe at school and within our community centers. Background checking your volunteers ensures that they do not have a criminal record and are eligible to work with school-aged children in an education-based environment. Don’t put them at risk by allowing volunteers with records of abuse to serve in your organization.
  • To protect your organization. If you are going to allow volunteers access to anything valuable or proprietary about your business — sensitive data, cash, or customer information, you’ll want to avoid any potential problems that could arise if the volunteers you accept have criminal records.
  • To protect your clients. Your clients have a right to be served both effectively and safely. This is especially true that if you serve particularly vulnerable populations, such as the elderly.
  • To protect yourself. Ohio law does not require background checks for volunteers. However, if volunteers will have unsupervised access to a child on a regular basis, school districts require background checks for service in their schools. Because your volunteer is representing your organization, it is wise to protect yourself from potential litigation should your volunteer commit a crime while volunteering for you.