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Afterschool AllianceKeeping Kids Learning and Developing

As the NW Ohio Hub of the Ohio Afterschool Network, the Afterschool Alliance of NW Ohio helps ensure that afterschool, enhanced day and summer learning programs meet or exceed standards for quality.

Why is Quality Afterschool and Enhanced Programming Important?

Programming after school, before school, during school and over the summer can help students avoid risky behavior and maintain academic progress. Quality programs are safe, fun, academic-enriching spaces that take a whole-child approach to development outside the classroom.

Students who regularly participate in quality afterschool programs:

  • Improve their self-perception and esteem
  • Gain opportunities for physical activity, healthy snacks and nutrition
  • Make better decisions and take fewer negative risks
  • Are excited about and more engaged in learning
  • Display positive behavior in the classroom
  • Can connect with adults and mentors to broaden their base of support

Training and Resources for Better Experiences

The Afterschool Alliance of NW Ohio (ASA) helps programs meet the academic and social-emotional needs of children from Kindergarten through grade 12 with comprehensive training and resources. We advocate, educate, inform, network and foster collaboration with best practices that boost program efficacy and sustainability.


Afterschool Alliance Resources and Specialties

  • Networking events
  • Professional development seminars and series
  • Informative e-newsletters
  • Community resource & referral services
  • Researching the sector and reporting current developments, promising practices and trends
  • Collaborating with and convening partners on workshops, events, resources and grants that help serve our nonprofit education sector, our schools and ultimately children and families.

Contact us. We would love to collaborate on grant projects that serve area youth.

Visit the Ohio Afterschool Network for more information,

Technical Assistance for Nonprofit Educational Program Providers

Afterschool Alliance can assist you with referrals to experts, as well as link you with the highest quality resources to improve your programs and help your organization run more smoothly.

Contact  Jess at 419-242-2122.

There is no charge for connecting you with other resources or consultants. 




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